i am darryl, otherwise known as biatch0. i have lived 250 years, 240 more than the life expectancy of a biatch0. what happens tomorrow is a mystery to me, and what happened yesterday; i have issues remembering. what happens today, i will find out in the coming 24 hours.

i am at the moment knowingly addicted to a number of things; WoW, nicotine, caffeine, tasty food in general, amongst others. i try to be addicted to code and various other income generating things, but often times (but not always) fail miserably. i am at the moment not knowingly addicted to… things i do not know of.

i try to think of myself as a connoiseur of fine musics, and have found myself engaged in discussions about my likes and dislikes of certain genres/artistes for hours at a time. no, i do not like the backstreet boys (i refrain from replacing the name with numerous swear words with the same short form), or any other teenybopper equivalent of them. to each his own, as they say, and i consider classic rock my own.

Just a stranger looking for redemption… Just a lost soul in need of direction…

P.S. If you need to get in contact with me: biatch0@remove-this.biatch0.net or +6016 biatch0

– like my photos?
– use my photos for publications on or offline?
– feeling generous?

If you fit any or all of these descriptions, I’d gladly take a Flickr Pro account or a PayPal (id biatch0 @ gmail.com) donation towards one :]

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  1. Hi Darryl – I’m very keen to get in touch with you urgently to see if we might be able to use your picture of Julian Assange found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/biatch0/4008014713/sizes/l/#cc_license

    For our television program which has interviewed Julian over the telephone.

    Currently your CC license conditions stipulate that we cannot use your work for commercial purposes.. Strictly speaking, this is an editorial use.. in that we will be using your picture to indicate whom it is we are speaking to.. We’re not putting it on a mug or a t-shirt or anything.

    We’d want you to give us permission to use the image both on Australian Television and Online.

    We can’t offer you money, but would certainly give you a credit at the end of the program.

    Please reply to me at the supplied email address at your earliest convenience.

    Michael Badcock
    Producer, Hungry Beast
    Zapruder’s other Films.
    +61 2 92172204

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