O is for Onkyo!

I dug out another hand-me-down today, this time an Onkyo DX-2700 CD player (which was also inherited from my uncle). My collection of audiophile equipment is steadily growing, which worries me. If I go mental on my audio equipment like my computer equipment, I’ll probably start selling my kidneys… or if all else fails, ask the audio shop if they accept used kidneys. Either way, I’m rather happy with my new CD player… but not too happy with much else unfortunately. I happen to be at the bottom of the heap thanks to what seems (to me) to be bipolar disorder. If you’re wondering what that is you can look it up on Google or something.

Other breaking news, happy birthday to Al! I doubt you’re reading this but that’s beside the point… And now I leave you with the latest picture of my growing pile of audio related electronic equipment.

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