Yet another boring weekend

Well guess what happened!!! That’s absolutely right!!! Absolutely nothing!!! Forgive my enthusiasm… I try to inject some joy into my life by stupidly celebrating nothing in particular. Spent a fair bit of the weekend working on the code of this blog, probably for lack of anything better to do (with the exception of chopping large amounts of enemy troops in Dynasty Warriors 4 and obliterating the opposition by 8-0 in Winning Eleven 7). There’s the obvious couple of hours dedicated to annoying Sarge (who is incidentally always there when I require a demonstration of how backward AI really is). If you don’t already know who Sarge is, I’d really rather not tell you for fear of being called a maniac.

Other than the large portion of the weekend spent trying to get to know the deepest niches of the couch a little better, I did (albeit against popular belief and the bookies) go out for a bit. I can’t quite remember what happened on Friday, but I do recall going out for a nice cup of Chinese Tea… iced of course, on Saturday night… with some physical entities I call friends. Sunday involved some meetings in the morning and early evening, and a visit to the (probably) least crowded mamak in Bangsar. No, I didn’t just make all that up just to seem cool. Just ask my shrink.

It’s 7:55AM and all is well, I should be leaving for a relaxing early breakfast in awhile… while at the same time buying some newspapers to read (just to remind myself that reading originated from actual print on paper). I plan to waste a whole lot of time up to approximately 11AM, when I will leave to Mid Valley… and waste a combination of time and money by watching a movie. I’m actually keeping myself awake in the hope that someone from TimeDotCom will call me, and say something along the lines of, “We’re coming to install the line today!!!”… but then again, I’ve waited a good 7 years for them, so what difference does a couple more days make? The other good thing I’m looking forward to today would be a cheque… and that’s probably more than enough reason to go do all these stupid things today.


  1. hahahaha……. at least you had chillies!!! 🙁

  2. I sure hope Uncle Sarge doesn’t make you eat his pineapple. LMAO

  3. You better come to my place or I’m going to make you eat my pineapple!!!

  4. OH, I forgot to tell you, my set of wheelers is busted for good so it’s kinda hard for me to go to your place.

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