Sunday is come, Saturday is gone. I’ve got myself a new toy, the MiTAC Mio smartphone. As most of you have probably correctly guessed, I have failed to restrain myself yet again. At least now I can finally put my 8850 to rest (hopefully) in a velvet lined glass showcase. Oh, found a nice picture of the new toy:

Let me see, what else happened during whatever bits of the weekend that I was concious. Nothing much actually, I was making like a log for the most of Saturday… and when I did wake up, I ran off to get the phone and have been absorbing radiation from my monitor playing The Temple Of Elemental Evil ever since. Not much of a weekend to talk about, but there’s always today (which is a Sunday)… assuming I wake up during a reasonably sane hour, I might get something or other done. What the something or other is, I haven’t decided.

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