Mediface vs the floor…

Recently, a certain “conflict of interest” (if I can call it that) has caught my eye. It is between a certain Mediface and the three (main) musketeers of Dinesh Nair aka Dr D, Jeff Ooi and Johan Ismail. From what I’ve read (mostly on blogs), it appears that Mediface is some sort of IT company with huge investments in them by the government, MSC and whatnot. My facts might not be totally straight since I rarely read slowly and digest every bit of information. Anyhow, Mediface apparently has a product (which is why people invested in them in the first place)… but for some bizarre reason or other, they seem to share the same product name, company profile, and a whole lot of other stuff with another company which is based somewhere else.

Now this is all fine by me, so they copied someone’s company profile, product name, and essentially product as well… It’s fine as long as they can deliver, legal matters and such aside. Weird thing is that for a huge IT-ish company, they up till recently had NO website!!! Okay, maybe they were busy with other stuff then… now they have a website; hosted on blogspot. At this point, I am lost for words. A huge IT company with billions of dollars backing them, huge products in every other pocket… and they can’t afford to get a proper host? Heck, up till yesterday if I’m not mistaken, their site was still carrying the good ol’ blogspot banner.

Now, if you visit their website (official mind you!!!)… you may notice something fairly interesting. It doesn’t seem at all like a corporate website. It happens to be more of a website that is dedicated to flaming those who doubt their abilities. IMHO, a company as large (supposedly) as them should:

  • have a nice .com domain
  • be either hosted at a nice datacentre or at least professionally
  • have a much better layout than the current ugly-ass default blogspot theme
  • not be dedicated to flaming of doubters

Heck, even I’ve got a domain… and I sure as hell don’t have a couple of million dollars backing me!!! If I did, I’d probably have:

  • Wisma biatch0 with four levels of underground parking filled with my cars
  • a cache of schwing lookings ladies stored in level 16 of Wisma biatch0
  • an entire floor with a shitload of PCs on a LAN for the true multiplayer experience
  • you get the idea by now…

Either way, I don’t see how a large company like Mediface (large until reasonable doubt arrives) could allow this flaming to be going on; on their official website. The prim and proper way to silence those who doubt them should be more along the lines of diplomacy, or DELIVERING THE PRODUCT (again, ignoring the possible legal issues which may be raised by the fact that they’ve got the same product name, etc. as another company).

I have no idea why I wrote this, but since I wrote so much, I’m not about to just close the browser without posting this.


  1. I’m willing to bet Jethrel is laughing because he has his thumb up his @$$! LMAO

  2. Pantat engkau Sk||tz! HAHAHAHAHAHA … basket

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