I have recently had Biznet2000 installed in my apartment. While it is a fairly big step up from my previous ISP, I happen to have a small complaint about the service. Biznet2000 is supposed to be a 2Mbps connection, and while I do understand that most internet connections are on a “best effort” basis, my Biznet2000 seems to be grossly underperforming. Based on a number of bandwidth tests, I have gotten a maximum so far of 1.3Mbps at approximately 4AM and a minimum of 800Kbps at 8PM. While I have not tested around the clock, based on these two times, I’m not quite satisfied with the bandwidth (or the fact that Time doesn’t seem to have local peering, since my packets choose to go to the US before heading to Singapore).

I’m not “very” choosy when it comes to ISPs, my acceptable level ISP would supply approximately 70% of advertised bandwidth (give or take due to traffic, etc.etc.) around the clock, with occasional outages. My ideal ISP would supply 80-90% of advertised bandwidth (give or take again) around the clock with little outages. I’m only bringing up this matter because I’m subscribing to your best available broadband package, and hope to get service which is of equivalent value to whatever I am (or will) be paying. If I can only look forward to a more or less consistent 800Kbps around the clock, it would be much wiser (and cost effective) to get the 512Kbps package since it’s burstable to 2Mbps anyway. I applied for Biznet2000 because I would like to have that 2Mbps behind me at any time that I need it, and not have to worry about it being at 1.xMbps most of the time; in which case when I actually need the 2Mbps that I am paying for, I need to pray for it as well.

I hope that those concerned can look into this matter and get back to me. If it is not possible to get a somewhat better bandwidth average throughout the day, it looks likely that I will be dropping to one of the lower packages for economical reasons.

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As you can probably guess from whatever was pasted above, my line has arrived. However, I’m not too pleased with it. I expect to get what I pay for, not get half of what I’m paying for. I’ve been annoyed by ISPs before (actually the last one could barely pass off as an ISP in the actual literal sense), but I hope that a large ISP with very few customers like TIME will appreciate the few business customers that it has…


  1. dei lemme tell u abit about my company’s experience with the Time broadband service.

    im not too sure of the exact package we’re subscrbing to, but suffice it to say their customer service leaves alot to be desired. there was at least one period where their line tottaly went bonkers, and each time we called up to complain, they give us the same shit, that things are being fixed as we speak but they never did get fixed….in time that is.

    so basically they sux, we’re planning to go back to jaring cos they’re now offering some package which fits our needs and which they did not offer previously.

  2. woi how come no line break wan your comments.

    can html ah 😉


  3. eh hello, my dearest biatch0. i demand an update. this entry’s ancient.

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