Here’s the bi-monthly obligatory entry… I will now attempt to make entries bi-monthly.

It’s 7:42AM, and I’m bored. I have now run out of words. The “Entry Text” textbox in my control panel will be left open until I feel that there are sufficient words in here to make this entry look like a lot of effort was put into it. This is to saisfy my weird addiction to having multiple paragraphs per entry. I still lack words. I have now grown bored of waiting for words to magically appear in my mind.


  1. Hey darryl,

    you seem to be very busy as I’ve been trying to call you almost everyday. What’s up man?

  2. alah, we so share the same fate, darryl 🙁 if only you weren’t gay.

  3. I’ll be in Singapore until Wednesday/Thursday, don’t have my phone with me so don’t bother calling.

  4. Wah lan. Cool!

    You playing quake there? The line there f*cking cun babe. Play vs US and train up yer skills man! Do show me next time … cun cun want to see you from whoop ass to super mother farkin whoopin arse.

    Played Q3 against local S’pore there perhaps? Or online?

  5. eh handsome, it’s middle of the month now, can you please feed us with a second entry of the month? thank you. 😛

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