Obligatory Entry #2

Much thanks to Becky dearest for reminding me that it’s time for the second entry of the month (more or less). The HITBSecConf2003 has just come to a close (for those involved anyway) and now that all the dust has settled, I can finally go back to doing things whenever I feel like it (ie. sleep). In essence, the SecConf was lots of fun… but ultimately a whole lot of tired. Fortunately for me, it only happens once a year… any more often and there will be no biatch to go with the 0.

This decided to float into my mind as I was wondering what the heck else to type; I can never think of things to type when I’m trying to lengthen my obligatory posts. After awhile, the lack of things to type gets disheartening, since I like to see long paragraphs… for some unknown reason or other.

I’ll just add stuff to the bottom of this entry if I think of anything (see above for explanation of why).


  1. i had backache for 2 friggin days la.. gettin old .. and not getting laid properly

  2. other than my name, everything sounds german here. haha 😛

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