I’m approximately 60% done installing YellowDog Linux (again) on my PowerBook. This time around, I’m doing an absolutely bare bones install; with like no software. Nah, just messing… I tried a barebones before trying to be smart, and upon attempting to compile Apache found that gcc was missing 😉

Whatever it is, the plan this time is to have a semi-barebones build… and build XFree86 from source. Hopefully that will work… Otherwise, I’m getting more comfortable with OS X now; so I suppose I wouldn’t mind YDL not quite working out either.

Update: I have failed yet again. X built (after a lot of waiting), but I have no idea whether or not it’s XFree86, XF86Config, or the kernel that’s not holding together. My bet is upon the configuration file, because I’ve always hated XF86Config. Anyway, back to OS X then 😀

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  1. You need the more interesting DRI stuff. And if you do compile X from CVS, everything works just fine, so thats what you probably need to do.

    Frankly, if you do chuck Debian on there, you could use Daenzer’s dri-trunk debs. With YDL, give me some time, I may package up an interesting XFree86. BTW, try Rawhide (fedora’s) and see if mharris’ new RPMs work for you.

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