And there was sleep…

I will be soon leaving for the land that appears to have originated from someone’s arse… England. The place where everything is closed after 5PM, and to make it worse… it’s bitchin cold right now. Apparently, it’s been snowing the past week or so… Well, all the better to overclock with πŸ˜‰


  1. enjoy urself and freeze ur balls while ur at it.. heheh
    say hi to Ali G for me k ; booyaaa

  2. im gonna miss u. get me something cute from UK k? enjoy ur sis’s wedding πŸ™

  3. Hyukk hyukk hyukk… I so know what you mean. Ugh. When you’re cold and hungry and just about to set foot in a Starbucks (Starbucks because it closes the latest.. this is at 6.30pm mind you) they shut the doors on you!

    And once a week, they have late night shopping. Bloody good idea this (for them, not us shoppers) because shoppers would have the mentality, “Ah, LATE NIGHT SHOPPING! SPEND MONEY!! BUY SOMETHING, ONCE A WEEK ONLY!!!” And almost always regret the purchase. Well that’s just me anyway..

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