The revolution will be blogged

Manic depression, panic disorder, borderline personality, anxiety disorder, clinical depression.Here, take this pill… it’ll all be better in the morning. We’ll med you up, and call you a success story because you don’t cry anymore, or cut yourself, or run about being promiscuous, and you sit there like a good boy. Blinking, breathing, listening. The meds, they are a miracle… Course we forgot to tell you, they make you numb… and your depression and panic, they never go away. You just bottle them up, somewhere deep inside… but at least no one else has to see your pain, your suffering. You can do it in the confines of your own bedroom.

Long live the meds.

The meds that keep you out of our hair and put you back in society. So you can function by day and lament by night. It will all be okay… Shhh, here, take this pill.

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