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Lucid tranquilities, precipitate to drenched me in red rains of raging despair, pelting my resolve until nothing is there. I taste the salty metal seeping from my lips as I hold back the screams of fury rumbling within my throat. I stare emotionless… no sentience in my countenance but the anger fueling the fire of my ire. How careless of you to attempt to spite me… at least you could have kissed me before you fucked me! But never mind the formalities, you’ll know soon enough that to inspire my forebearance of intolerance was a mistake… for I know no mercy but that of the sword that cleaves the heart in two and minces the soul to be scatttered like ashes in the wind.

I lack a better word to replace the strikethrough, anybody? I’m also finally getting annoyed at the way that my Mac decides to display this page. While everything is fine and dandy on good ol’ Winbloze, things look slightly less pretty (in a purely layout-ish sense, everything else is truly pretty) on the Mac. I will now dedicate several hours to poking around and figuring out how to make stuff look just as good on the Mac. For example, the trusty </center> does not break the existing <center> tag, instead it appers that my entire page is now centred with the exception of little dangly bits here and there.

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  1. fucked = sexed

    before you SEXED me. wee X”D i like the sound of it.

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