For Aiur…

you think it’s fucking easy?
taking it all with a smile and a nod
an aire of condescension ignored
so that i may serve you,
my king?
do you think it is easy to be me
when all i do is grovel for your love
and affection
to no avail?
my life is meaningless because you have created it as such
and yet, without you it would be even more meaningless
so i am stuck to wander
hating you
loving you
needing you
wanting to be free of you and all your splendor

I’m going for breakfast… and on a slightly brighter note, I’ve figured out how to un-centre stuff. It involves using the funny <div> tags… however, I’m fairly certain there’s some other way that I just don’t know about yet. Oh well, eventually… Other interesting things that are worthy of mention; a couple of days I woke up after an hour of sleep, felt like I was on speed, and cleaned my room to a sparkling finish. Somebody bring out the champagne please?

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