Well, today I’ve decided to share my philosophical view of life. When life is at an all time low (shit happened many times over, or actually lack of shit didn’t happen), it is generally ingrained in the human spirit to keep attempting, however futile, to crawl your human ass out of the shitpool. Then, when you’re at the very brink of completing that Herculean task, with maybe 2 hands and a leg out of the shitpool, a higher being appear before you… next thing you know, the higher being whips out the Shit-O-Matic and proceeds to hose you down with an uninterrupted stream of shit, causing you to lose grip and fall right back into the shitpool (except it got deeper thanks to the Shit-O-Matic). So, what does that teach us? Nothing, us humans are invariably stupid. We just keep doing the neverending patented infinite crawl to attempt to get out of the shitpool… The ones who figured out the system either took the hard way out by buying some coffee for the higher being walking around with the Shit-O-Matic paying with their miserable lives, or the easy way out; losing their mind and essentially just chilling out right at the bottom of the shitpool.

And such is life.


  1. hurr. wayyyy tooo much text for me to read now. :”\

  2. alar.. no tagboard to chat ..
    becky..waaaayyyy too much.. after exams cannot read things already o.O

  3. I’ll try to remember not to write so much next time…

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