Obligatory Entry #3

What can I say? Been busy busy, just like them bees… hence the apparent lack of entries. No, actually that’s just an excuse… but I really have been busy. The direct reason for lack of entries is the lack of noteable activity which I deem post-able as an entry. Honestly if someone were to ask me to create some kind of painting to describe my life at the moment, I’d probably whip out a bucket of gray paint and splash it all over the canvas. My life is just as bland as an entirely gray painting, and as exciting as watching that paint dry; but then again some bizarre art fanatic might pass my gray-life painting off as a work of art worthy of sitting itself next to Mona Lisa herself.

Enough ranting about the blandness of my life… The only thing I’m happy about at the moment is my new mobile number (I’m still keeping the old number kids so don’t worry). I can now tell people (in my best Radio DJ voice), “Please dial B-I-A-T-C-H-0 on your touch tone phone”. Okay so maybe this might not be quite qualified to show up on various other people’s weblogs as something worthy of note, but please, remember the gray-life painting of mine and cut me some slack.

*prays for more activity so that there may be more entries*

Song of the moment: Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line

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