No, not the Opera with an unset number of obese people making full use of their vocal chords. I’ve just found that stuff on my Gentoo machine look a whole lot better on Opera rather than on Mozilla (no disrespect intended, I love Mozilla). I’ve also suddenly realised how incredibly lame I just made myself by making this post… in the previous post I said I only post when something noteable happens. Therefore, by classifying this as noteable… nevermind, I’m just digging myself a deeper hole.

I’m currently hooked on The Dead Zone, which is TV series adapted from a Stephen King book of the same name. Sadly though, I’m on Episode 12 out of 13… essentially in another hour or two I’ll be back to having absolutely squat to do. I need to quickly procure Season 2 in order to avoid any induced insanity brought on by lack of things to do apart from updating the beloved weblog (which I’m now making a concious effort to do).

Song of the moment: The Verve – Sonnet

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  1. emerge corefonts
    emerge sharefont
    emerge unifont
    emerge terminus

    fc-cache -f
    /etc/init.d/xfs restart

    that should make stuff look much better.


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