Another Late Knight

I’ve spent the bulk of (yet another) Saturday at home; sleeping mostly, the rest on other motley and otherwise desultory nuisances such as watching TV, assorted yum cha‘s, and the highlight of the day which is none other than watching yet another movie. This time around my time was used to further expand my repertoire of twisted movies I have watched, the newest addition being today’s catch; The Butterfly Effect.

I will not waste my time writing a review because I doubt you will spend the time reading it, however, I will say that it is a movie worth watching despite the comments from a friend of a friend I received today which went something along the lines of, “It’s a stupid movie, don’t waste your time watching”. Pulling out the user comments from the ever useful, you may or may not notice that the positive comments on the film greatly outnumber the negative comments (one that caught my eye read “Piece of crap.” to the power of n, where n is a random integer of extremely high value). It may be possible that I am bias (I actually am (and don’t deny it) and so is everyone on certain topics of their choosing, contradictory to what they may say) since I find twisted reality (not twisted, reality) movies such as this and Donnie Darko intriguing. The Butterfly Effect may or may not become a cult hit in the same way that Donnie Darko did, but I still do find it worthy of mention… even if it may not get stuck in my DVD player on repeat in the same way that Donnie Darko and Empire Records did.

If you got this far, pat yourself on the back… otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this. Vamos.

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