This is a 100% nonsensical post; there was absolutely no event that triggered this posting other than the following short story (or whatever you want to call it). Anyway, I was out for the usual breakfast, except the usual place ended up being closed (making me extremely annoyed because I don’t like to walk very far); and so, I was forced to extend my journey by a further 200M (give or take) to rest my tired legs at Vitya while sipping a cuppa. The place was unusually packed (they likely have my usual place being closed to thank) and the only available place was next to a piece of eye candy I noticed while walking in (honest, it WAS the only place).

The story continues; I ordered my teh ais (it would have been teh peng had breakfast been at the usual place) and some munchies to snack on (breakfast is meant to be a light meal kids), after which I proceeded to read through a bunch of faxes that came in earlier. My eyes were my main sense at the time, but that doesn’t mean I could turn off my ears. The group of wannabe “Stepford Wives” at the next table (inclusive Ms Eye Candy) were doing the female Corporate Wage Slave (props to the spoonman for this term) chitchat… and the only thing my ears caught before processed teh ais came out of my nose was, and I quote, “LING-GER-REE”. As I fought to hold back laughter fit for an inmate of the nearest mental institution, I tried concentrating on the pain that excreting teh ais through the wrong orifice created; that didn’t work apparently. My laughter made me sound fit for a mental patient and their stare would make you think I was the very definition of mental patient. I quickly excused myself soon after…

Point of all this being, if you want to look presentable, least you can do is sound presentable. Get your pronunciation right thank you very much. Now, excuse me again as I go to wash out some surplus fluids from my nose.


  1. omg you reet sombiatch. i’m possibly getting webbit, but hear that its utterly atrocious for gaming. fkn. gay.

  2. a better substitute would be daisamdaifu?

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