HITBSecConf04 is come

Well, more of nothing will be coming as I busy myself with nothing in particular this entire week. I expect to mostly be doing odd jobs that have gone astray and have no known owner or next of kin. All this in the hope that this year my friends outstanding tab will be fully settled *AHEM* =)

I would actually not have posted an update at all, so right now you have a disgusting little boy staying in my apartment to thank. The little cretin joined me in the elevator after he had gone for (what I assume) was a swim, and went on to finger his appropriate floor. I, being the not so social person, immediately made my way to a quiet corner of the lift hoping to be left alone (relative to not having anyone in the lift). Next thing I know the little bugger decides to explore the various extremeties of the elevator… coming dangerously close to my designated turf in the lift. He must have detected the raw unadulterated bloodlust that I reaked of, since he quickly retreated to the safety of the doors. .

Now here’s the cool bit; he starts making disgusting snorting and drooly sounds all the while facing into the opposite corner of the lift… and after awhile appears triumphantly with a blob (for a lack of better words) of snot on his index finger, then cleans up various residue from his nose with his towel. I personally do not think it’s very polite to stare, but then again I don’t exactly approve of mining for gold while another non-related person is staring at your actions in absolute disgust. I thought, “at least he cleaned up his nose on a towel”… perhaps he was polite as some level, just not so refined yet. My mistake, his next action made me consider regurgitating my newly consumed breakfast… the creature proceeded to sign over ownership of his blob of snot to the lift door.

Refined my foot.

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  1. HITBConf 2004 was excellent!!

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