HITBSecConf04 is gone

I can probably safely say that I have recovered from the past week of close to no sleep now… Immediately after the conference cocktail, I grabbed a good 12 hour sleep, after which I went out for a filling (but not too tasty as compared to Chillies) lunch at TGIF. I then proceeded home to mess around with my new toys, and then grabbed another 12 hour sleep. Hopefully that made up for lost time…

Moving along now, this is what my new room looks like:

I wish… but I do have the speakers 🙂


  1. no other pix arr??? ur tv looks cacat wehh ..
    if u ever think of givin away that speaker in near future , please put me as priority..

  2. You got me there. I was like flat-jaw’ed when I saw thatt, Untill I read your comment.

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