Oh fsck me…

As some of the more enlightened may know, I’m taking a break in Singapore to catch the Eagles live in concert. Some may also remember that I am cursed with having problems with the machines in my house whenever I am further than a half hour drive from my house. What can I say? The curse struck again today, and it appears now after some observation… that the problem is relative to the distance I am from home. I must say that I do feel fortunate however, that the problem is not also directly related to who I can get to rush to my rescue at home. When I was in UK, I was blessed in the fact that I had passed my keys to a semi-tech savvy friend who stayed nearby (huge powercut was the problem then). If it was directly related to who I could get to help me out, I would be dead right now… only person I could get to rush in and poke at my machines was my mother who thinks that the mouse might bite her if she holds it too tight.

This incident has undeniably fucked up my holiday πŸ™‚

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  1. how was the Eagles man? Good? I didn’t know you had a blog up, thought it was still the story about Quake 3 on biatch0.net.
    Maybe you should consider installing a UPS system with lotsa standby time? heh… πŸ˜›

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