Useless quiz results

You are Kagura-san! Ignore this picture!
Athletics, inner strength, and understanding
life is what keeps you running. Literally.
You are a very active person. You love sports.
You love life. Most of the time. It’s very
hard to break your spirit, although you
sometimes have to work to keep your chin up.
But you always succeed in the end. You
could’ve been straight out of Battle Athletes,
you love sports so much. Consider a career in
athletics. You adore the physical realm, and
love being in it. Your theme song would be
Chocobo music. And behind all that brawn lies
a brain. A very intelligent mind, in fact.
You’re not book smart, and don’t do great in
school, but you have a lot to say. Even then,
you rarely get the chance to say it. Still, in
some ways, you are that part of the group which
keeps it together. You are one who is kind
even to your enemies. You have many friends,
but you enjoy the company of an Osaka, and you
two often help eachother through the hard parts
of life.

The Azumanga Daioh Character Quiz
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Out of complete and utter boredom, I have gone ahead and done this quiz which I found over at this weblog. The pic shows me as a female… gotta love that. At least they got the sleeping bit right; my favourite thing to do besides eating. Well, back to listening to the Eagles on my new speakers.

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