10 Reasons why Trolls Suck

1: They look hideous with 90% of plate helmets.
2: They’re feet are neither covered with clothes, or hair.
3: The male troll’s dance… Need I say more?
4: One viable hair style. How many male trolls have a mohawk here?
5: The racials are below par compared with all other races, save dwarfs.
6: The priest racials. How many times have you heard “Why are you a troll priest?”?
7: Tusks. I could pass for a Draenei mount.
8: That little blue patch under my chin. WTF IS IT???
9: Our jokes got nerfed.
10: The accent. OH THE ACCENT!!!


A: Ivory Raptor got nerfed!
B: I ring the bells in Notre Dame.
C: We are associated with losers who sit on the forums all day.
D: We have no city of our own, nor unique starting area. Orcs smell, and they squat all over the road to Orgrimmar.
E: We can’t make a piece of armor without being accused of indecent exposure (See picture above) (Note that this troll has a mohawk)
G: Snakes on a Troll


  1. as far as i know.. troll is the character tat i choose everytime i play wc .. i dont agree with you reasons.. you suck!

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