more nagle+delayed acks

Been doing some “work” on getting around these 2 problems in relation to WoW. My initial intent was to connect to my proxy in Jaring via stunnel/dante-sockd… and having iptables reroute the traffic through socat which would disable Nagle’s and set tcp-nodelay to true. For some strange reason (or maybe I just suck at writing iptables rules), I was unable to get iptables to pick up anything to route to socat. So after more research, I decided to take the SS5 SOCKS Server (or SS5) source code any modify it slightly to mangle ALL packets that came through (which should be only WoW traffic unless you are trying to abuse my machine).

Simple workaround:
(1) Grab the SS5 source.
(2) Open SS5Server.c
#include “netinet/tcp.h”; (Line 26)
setsockopt(S5SocksSocket, IPPROTO_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, &reuseAddrFlag, sizeof(int)); (Line 197)
(3) ./configure && make && make install

(4) proxify all WoW traffic to ipaddress:port that you configured.

You now have WoW minus Nagle+delayed ACKs. Congratulations.

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