N97 Thoughts…

I’ve had my N97 for (about) 2 days now. Just a quick bit of online diarrhea in case anyone is interested in getting an N97 and is having second thoughts (blasphemy).

I’ll start with the cons or negatives:

  • the battery indicator is full of poop as usual…
    showing 100% for ages then sinking like a stone as soon as it hits the next bar. Why can’t people make indicators that are more accurate or don’t lie?
  • which dumb ass designed the keyboard? The period or fullstop is entered (on the slide out qwerty) by pressing shift-comma. What a retard… Now I need to spam shift-comma to input my fave triple period combo.
  • the symbol/shift key are somewhat annoyingly close together… i have a tendency to hit the symbol key while doing my triple period combo. The problem is that cancelling the symbol input screen (which pops up when you hit the symbol key) requires touch screen interaction (when your fingers are already down by the fukin keyboard!!!).
  • the hang up key used to send apps into the background and bring you to the home screen… now it kills the app in the foreground before sending you on your merry way

Ok I think that about covers the cons. Pros time:

  • holy crap i can load the soccernet homepage without wanting to stab people like on my N96!!! Big pages literally stomped the N96 into the ground (ie. 1MB per page). The N97 handles them admirably…
  • no, really… Everything is a shit ton faster than the N96 which takes the cake for (possibly) worst N-series device to date (barring other N-series devices which I haven’t used… I’ve used the N95, N96, N97).
  • despite the horrible indicator… battery life is actually pretty awesome. I’d say at least one full day including fondling the phone like it was a boob and you’re a guy who just hit puberty.
  • has the amazing ability to make you want to buy a bluetooth headset for no reason whatsoever…

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