Bluetooth Audio Gateway/Headset Profile & You

Once upon a time, Bluetooth dongles came with drivers… typically those drivers included cool and useful things (like the Bluetooth Audio Gateway). Now, what the Bluetooth Audio Gateway (BT AG from here on) means to most people is this – BT headset connected to PC via USB BT dongle, stream music (and other audio stuff) from PC to headset (ie. Skype).Β Based on the number of hits I get when searching for information on this subject, attempting the above scenario is already hard enough as it is.

Now, here’s where it gets really hairy. I want to pair my mobile (N97) with my PC… and use my PC speakers/mic as a replacement for a BT headset. The MS BT stack doesn’t carry the BT AG (or HSP/Headset Profile) and is notoriously hard to get rid of. The drivers (outdated by 5 years+ mind you) that are floating around the net that are for more recent version of Windows (XP SP2/XP64/Vista) have all conveniently decided to remove the BT AG/HSP profiles. I guess the total size of the file may have been bloated by an additional 50kB and they couldn’t afford the hosting or something to that effect.

So, as of this moment… I am still hitting myself in the head with a cheese grate trying to figure this out. Good luck to me and good luck to anyone else that is trying to figure this out as well.

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  1. I’m stuck with the same issue. If you have found the solution, please guide me through. cheers

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