Belkin F8T013 & You!!!

If you are trying to get your PC mic and speakers to work as a Bluetooth headset… you might as well save yourself the trouble and get a Belkin F8T013. It comes with Widcomm drivers, AND you can update the drivers directly off the Broadcom/Widcomm website. Don’t bother shopping around unless you are 100% certain of the USB Bluetooth dongles that come with Widcomm drivers (even then you’ll probably end up walking around like a retard and not getting anything for days on end… at which point the $$$ you pay for parking would probably have bought you the Belkin in the first place).

Next up, if you are just “thinking” about using your PC mic and speakers as a Bluetooth headset… you should probably not. After the trouble I went through (and $$$ spent)… I finally realised some time after getting everything to work… noise cancellation. Well, I suppose if you have a really good sound card it might have noise cancellation… otherwise… just get a Bluetooth headset like everyone else. There’s also (apparently) a small delay when you have a conversation with this method… possibly something to do with the F8T013 being USB1.1? Not sure, but worth a mention anyway.


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