@starintech : Locals forced to log on in graveyard

According to Star Intech: Locals forced to log on in graveyard: Irish residents surf with the dead…and you thought our broadband connection was bad.

IMHO, ONE village in Ireland has “bad” Internet access… is this any excuse for pretty much our entire country (Malaysia for the international readers) to have bad Internet access? Using that same logic, since HAR2009 (which was held in a field like Woodstock (with cows grazing nearby)) had a 20Gbps network link… shouldn’t every rice field in Malaysia also have 20Gbps of connectivity?

That’s right folks, between all those grazing cows… there were 20Gbps worth fibre network links sticking out of the ground, growing like sunflowers. If I’m not too lazy I’ll photoshop what a fibre network link growing out of the ground looks like later.

So, in closing; Stop making excuses for our ridiculous Internet access in Malaysia. It’s a complete disgrace; especially given the amount of idiotic claims our government chooses to make about how “advanced” our infrastructure is.

EDIT: starintech hi there..thanks for your thoughts. In any case, our tweet was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. we suffer the same connection too 🙂

Sadly, that tongue-in-cheek approach is likely never to work… but then again, the constant straight up and full on screaming-blue-murder approach doesn’t seem to work either (that cool beans MP3 recording of some chinese guy on the phone with TM support seems proof enough). Does that mean we’re stuck with utter bullcrap for Internet for eternity?

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