Mobile (WAP) Sites and You

So I was grabbing a bite at a random place where people eat… while doing a little surfing on my soon-to-be-sold N97 when I noticed that “mobile sites” are getting heavier and heavier. Gone are the days when a WAP site meant plain text with a simple logo at the top eh? Sure the mobile Internet has come a long way since the early days of surfing on a black/white mobile phone… but it sure hasn’t come far enough to warrant the whole she-bang on a WAP site.

The local Malaysian newspaper The Star decided that the mobile Internet in Malaysia is on par with Japan and decided to dump everything under the sun on their mobile WAP site. They may be forgiven if it was just everything under the sun that was related to news in general; but no, they included about 9000 different mobile ring tones and 9000 Buy It Now buttons.

So, here’s a little note for my friends at The Star Malaysia:

The Internet in Malaysia as it stands is absolutely horrible and makes people from even third world countries that are worse off than ourselves gag/vomit/puke/throw-up/etc. What in the world would give you the idea that our mobile Internet is any better? A quick (and I mean 10 second search on Google kind of quick) search would tell you that pretty much any Tom, Dick, Ramasamy, Ahmad, Lee, Choo, would agree with me. So please, don’t bog us down with unnecessary crap that we really don’t need.

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