Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES2011)

A new PES/WE will normally grow on me within the first week or so (which I spend hating the changes). This one… seems to be taking a bit longer than usual. Here’s a quick list of my gripes at the moment:

  • Offside detection sucks. You get called for offside when the offside player is on the other end of the pitch not interfering in play… just because the pass was originally intended for him but deflected off an opposition player and bounced back to the player that made the initial pass.
  • Your players tend to become spastics when you lose the ball… with semi-assisted cursor changes the cursor automatically switches to the next closest player when you lose the ball, and as your player that got tackled regains control of his spastic body, the cursor also becomes spastic and switches between the tackled player and the next closest player every 0.01 second; which means you aren’t going to be able to get the ball back with either of the retards you control for 0.01 second each in turn.
  • If you make a pass that doesn’t reach its intended target player and there is one of your players standing on top of where the ball stops, that player like a retard jumps over the ball and continues to run off ignoring the ball while the intended target tends to wait like an idiot for the ball to reach him (which it will never do). Conveniently, an opposition player will walk over and run off with the ball.
  • I’ll add to this list whenever I remember more stuff… I’m on my PC right now and this is what I already remember.

Some sites call this the “return” of PES… the game that allows PES to regain its’ crown. I’m not entirely sure about that as much as I’d like to think so. So far, I’m honestly rather disappointed… but then again I’ve only played for a week or so, giving it a little more time to grow on me may change my current opinion.

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