Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Changes

Latest software release for Nokia N900 is 20.2010.36-2 *

  • Nokia Ovi Suite support added
  • Performance improvements

That’sthe official changelog. As with most other people, I really couldn’t care less what the official changes are. I want to know what’s under the hood. So, here’s a quick overview after I’ve messed around with PR 1.3 for the past couple of hours:

  • things are generally faster even at the default 600MHz after the update to PR1.3 – thanks to the “Performance Improvements” mentioned in the official changes I suppose?
  • Ovi Maps STILL DOES NOT HAVE TURN-BY-TURN navigation. The Nokia N900 is STILL the only Nokia device on the market with GPS capabilities that DOES NOT have turn-by-turn navigation. Somewhat odd IMHO given that the N900 (probably) has the most powerful hardware amongst the Nokia arsenal?
  • Power kernel still works fine with PR 1.3; making the N900 EVEN FASTER. I’ve been using my N900 at 1.1GHz for awhile now, and now with the increase in performance thanks to PR 1.3, I’ll definitely be using the N900 up till the day I get my N9.
  • UPDATE 2: Flash is still the same version used on PR1.2 – No Facebook videos for you yet.

This is what I’ve noticed or tested so far. I’ll try to update this whenever I find something new.

Also, if you are unable to update OTA, don’t panic – I wasn’t able to either. Just use PC Suite (or Nokia Software Updater, I can’t remember which) to update your N900 to the shiny new PR 1.3 🙂

UPDATE: There is apparently a list of bug fixes available here.

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