Multi Thread and/or Multi Part FTP client for Linux

Yes, I’m still looking for one. A proper FTP client preferably (in this sense wxdfast doesn’t quite qualify). I’ve been trying to ditch Windows on my downloading machine for ages, and this is basically the last thing that is holding me back from doing so. I’m even considering trying to get the current multi-thread/multi-part FTP client (CuteFTP) I’m using on Windows… to work on Linux via WINE.

For those who are unclear, I’m not looking for an FTP client that supports multiple threads to take advantage of CPUs with more than 1 core; I’m looking for an FTP client that is able to split a download in multiple parts (or threads, whatever you want to call it) and download those parts simultaneously. Typically, this is to get around bandwidth restrictions on each FTP connection… if one connection is limited on the server side to 20k/sec, then 10 parts/threads will download at 200k/sec.

Help me out here, I’ve been searching for quite some time but all the “multi-threaded” FTP clients for Linux I have found have been of the multi-threaded CPU variety.

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