YTL Yes 4G “Leaked” Pricing Info

OK, maybe it isn’t leaked… but anyway, I’m sure everyone has seen the camera phone picture posted online by now. Since the info didn’t come from me, and that information is now public record… time for me to break it down for everyone. According to the image:

9 sen = 3MB or 1 min voice or 1 SMS (A quick flashback to my Twitter guesstimate of their pricing some time back…)

At the current pricing, 20GB would equate to RM600 (3 sen/MB)… I was off by RM200 🙁

Well, I was honestly hoping they wouldn’t go forward with the current pricing structure, but I guess they’ve decided they know best. No amount of using the term 4G (despite the fact that they are not a 4G network) is going to help them gain customers when they are FAR from the cheapest network. The mobility and speed could be attractive, but when it comes at those prices… well, good luck. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t even think twice about using them as my main telco, let alone ISP.

Stop being idiots and spending millions on marketing. Improve your network, improve your pricing. It may be a stretch to say that YTL seems as retarded as TM announcing caps for UNIFI upon launch (it’s still going to happen, stop trying to kid yourselves), but it’s a very small stretch. Pricing like this is essentially shooting yourself in the foot… with a Barrett M82 rifle… multiple times (not theoretically possible since your foot would have disintegrated after 1 shot)… while resting your chin on the shoulder stalk. Hey guys over at YTL, you should have a chat with the TM people over at UNIFI about their data caps… you might actually learn something (unlike the TM guys who are still going to impose retarded caps). The difference between TM and YTL is that TM has a monopoly, and will most likely continue to have a monopoly for many years to come despite leaking $$$ out of their asses for the past 20 years (and still random people in TM get paychecks that look like the GDP of small nations).

Comparisons paint this picture:

  • YTL is significantly cheaper… at 500MB
  • YTL is slightly more expensive… at 3GB
  • YTL is retarded at anything more

To break it down, if you plan on using YTL with anything more advanced than a WAP phone circa 2001, don’t bother. YTL will tear you a new asshole (possibly even 2). Their 5x the speed of 3G (which is essentially only about 2x the speed of 3.5G (actually less because Maxis isn’t perfect either)) will only serve to make you consume more data faster over an extended period. Assuming I do test their product, rest assured that if current pricing does not change I would only recommend it to people if they communicate in morse code… and I sure as hell won’t be using their product anytime after the trial period expires.

I hoped that YTL would actually have come up with something not entirely subpar given the time they took to implement their network… Well, I leave you with a quote:

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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