Yes is to 4G as UniFi is to HSBB

Something odd I thought of last night (this morning) as I decided to take another nap…

Yes has been receiving all kinds of flack lately with regards to their use of the term 4G. Personally, I did not approve of shady gimmicks like that… and as such, I saw fit to also demonize them for being Slim Shady. After all, ITU requirements are 100Mbps for mobile applications and 1Gbps for stationary… and the YTL Yes solution was nowhere near either of those requirements. Did they deserve to be burned at the stake? Quite possibly so… it was unfortunate for them that in combination with all the “issues” they faced during launch weekend that the burning at the stake turned into a (1) beaten up with sticks (2) thrown in with lions (3) saved inches before death (4) burning at the stake.

Now, I do feel sorry for the blokes over at YTL Yes, but make no mistake, I also feel they thoroughly deserved the backlash over the usage of the term 4G.

On the other hand, Telekom Malaysia… ah, my mortal enemy… the blood sucking leeches that have cause the Internet in Malaysia to be a steaming pile of horse crap overall… now, these guys have been MUCH more fortunate in a sense. They’ve labeled their newly unveiled UniFi service as HSBB (High Speed Broadband)… and as such, they are fortunate in the sense that there is no real definition or standard for what is to be considered as High Speed Broadband.

A quick Google search turns up almost no proper matches for what the definition of HSBB really is… mostly matches from circa 2000 that mentioned that High Speed Internet (referred to as Broadband then) was anything above 512Kbps. That exact same Google search also comes up with links to news reports of the High Speed Broadband that Google themselves plan to implement… 1Gbps of tasty bandwidth. Japan appears to also consider 1Gbps to be High Speed Broadband, while the blokes in Korea who are actually aliens from the future are apparently labeling 8Gbps connections as High Speed Broadband.

Returning to our beloved Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia’s UniFi has a maximum speed of 20Mbps… that will be capped… at 160GB (last I heard, 90GB for the 5Mbps, 120GB for the 10Mbps). I am 100% certain that Sweden had 26Mbps connections back in the late 90s, which means the damned Koreans probably had 26Mbps connections back in 1945 (yes, this is sarcasm in case your meter is broken).

Personally, I think Telekom Malaysia deserves just as much flack for calling UniFi HSBB as YTL received over the usage of the term 4G… if not more (It might just be my pure seething hatred for Telekom Malaysia talking, I’m sorry). What about you?


  1. WHAT! WHAT! – is that the password or something?

    they (WIMAX forum) called themselves 4G b’cos those on 3Gs cannot match what WIMAX can offer… but can’t THEY use 3.5G instead. Currently, I feel that THEY are actually misleading others….

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