Yes 4G & Best Effort – Convenient Coincidence or Shrewd Master Plan?

Here’s some food for thought at 5:42AM on a random Monday morning.

Our good folk in MCMC/SKMM have been so kind to “protect” us recently with the “requirement” that Internet connections sold should be able to reach 80% of the subscribed line speed. What this means to the random subscriber is that if he/she signed up for a 10Mbps Internet connection from Telekom Malaysia, in theory, TM MUST provide him/her with at least 8Mbps (80% of 10Mbps) throughput on average. TM just increases priority to popular speedtest sites and hosts their own speedtest server on their own network to work around this “recommendation” from MCMC… but that’s besides the point!!! Moving on!!!

Now, YTL’s Yes 4G is sold with no actual subscribed bandwidth. So, how does this 80% requirement work with Yes 4G? Did the guys at YTL sit down, think up a storm, and come up with this absolutely brilliant idea… or was it absolute pure random coincidence that they are conveniently in the Twilight Zone that isn’t quite within the broad umbrella covered by one of the newest MCMC/SKMM “requirements”?

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