Nokia N9

So, the long awaited Nokia N9 (Lankku) has been launched as expected at CommunicAsia 2011. Specs are as follows (just in case you don’t already know):

CPU – 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630
RAM – 1GB (unconfirmed true 1GB or including swap)
Storage – 16GB/64GB (Non expandable)
GPU – PowerVR SGX530
Battery – 1450mAh
Display – 854×480 AMOLED WVGA 3.9″
Camera – 8MP Carl Zeiss F2.2 Wide Angle Lens with 2x LED flash

In a nutshell, the specs are a little disappointing. The most exciting thing in the specs is the inclusion of an F2.2 lens.

What is even more annoying is that all of the things that the majority of geeks loved about the N900 had been abandoned in the N9.

Swappable batteries? Gone.
FM transmitter? Gone.
Flash support? Gone.
Hardware keyboard? Gone.

I’ll wait for more information from people who’ve had the chance to play with device before I pass my final judgement on the Nokia N9.

Is the N9 a worthy successor to the N900? Time will tell!

Also announced was the N950 (aka Dali) – a developer only device with hardware keyboard and “slightly” lower specs than the N9.

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