Updating Steam Platform

Does Updating Steam Platform just stop at some random percentage and not move for years for you? Tried all kinds of random solutions but nothing works? Read on!!!

I’ve run into this problem a couple of times and have run through the usual “solutions”:

  1. delete ClientRegistry.blob
  2. restart computer
  3. disable firewall
  4. burn all your clothes and dance around a fire

None of these worked for me. The last time I ran into this issue, my solution was a clean format. Of course not everyone has the time to run off and clean format their machine every time Steam decides to misbehave. I then ran across yet another “solution” on some random forum – a solution that I hadn’t seen before. Incredibly, it worked first time, and so now I am passing on this information to the next generation of people who will be annoyed at Steam.

Delete ALL files in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder EXCEPT Steam.exe

This worked perfectly for me, and Steam proceeded to update within minutes.


  1. Hey Biatch0!

    haha, cool name. it didn’t work for me the first time…nor the second time…but for some reason the 3rd time worked! so thanks!

  2. Thanks bro…I think this may have worked for me- well, at least I can say that within the last 10 minutes I’ve gotten more downloaded (up to 76% now, when before I could only get to about 38% within say, 30 minutes or so) than with all other attempts and methods- about 4 in all, except the dancing around a fire bit. And BTW, I found your blog from a search on bing, and not Google…


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