NBA 2k13 2k14 2k15 Legends & Notable Fans

NBA 2k15 Update: Yup, you guessed it… It looks like the requirements for Legends to follow you on NBA 2k15 have remained the same yet again. I haven’t confirmed all of them, but I’ve just picked up Shawn Kemp after a 47 point and 17 rebound game. Seeing as Shawn Kemp has had the same requirements in both 2k13, 2k14, and now 2k15… it stands to reason that most, if not all of the legends “should” have the same requirements as well. I don’t see myself playing 2k15 for very long (that’s a story for another post), so I’ll leave it to the random guests leaving comments to confirm whichever ones remain when I stop playing.

NBA 2k14 Update: It appears that the requirements for a “Legend” to follow you in NBA 2k14 haven’t changed from 2k13. At least that’s what it looks like early on in the game. I’ve just picked up Gary Payton for 5 steals in a game (which is exactly the same requirement as in 2k13). You can probably use this list as a rough guideline to what you need to do – or if you remember what you did last year in 2k13 that would probably be more accurate since the requirement appears to depend on what position you play and possibly also play style (athletic, slashing, defensive, etc.).

Updates including screenshots of stats during games where certain Notable Fans are picked up are at the bottom of the post. 


So, you’re one of those people with OCD and want to collect all the little ponies as fans on NBA 2k13. Wait, no – NBA Legends as fans. Here’s an incomplete, self-generated list of the NBA Legends you can get to “follow” you in the Social Media section of NBA 2k13 and what hoops you need to jump through to get them on the follow-wagon.

Michael Jordan63+ points during a playoff game2k13/2k14
Magic Johnson15+ assists2k13/2k14/2k15
Clyde DrexlerTriple Double against Portland Trailblazers2k13/2k14
Isaiah ThomasDouble Double against Detroit Pistons2k13/2k14
Joe DumarsWin by a large margin against the Chicago Bulls2k13/2k14/2k15
Dennis Rodman19+ rebounds2k13/2k14/2k15
Steve Kerr5+ 3-pointers2k13/2k14/2k15
Clark KelloggTriple Double2k13/2k14/2k15
Chris MullinBeat Golden State with X number of 3-pointers2k13/2k14/2k15
Penny Hardaway30+ points 10+ assists against the Orlando Magic2k13/2k14
Shaq O’Neal60+ points 10+ rebounds (15+ assists?) against Lakers2k13/2k14/2k15
Gary Payton5+ steals2k13/2k14/2k15
Shawn Kemp47+ points 15+ rebounds2k13/2k14/2k15
David Robinson71+ points2k13/2k14
Dominique Wilkins7+ dunks2k13/2k14/2k15

If you know how to get the NBA Legends labeled as UNKNOWN to follow you, do drop a comment and mention how you managed it (or your stats for that particular game so we can possibly dissect it).

Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you. Example: Clark Kellogg and Clyde Drexler are labeled as a Triple Double each, but some people report a Double Double as being enough. It just so happens that I personally had a Triple Double in those games, which is why I’ve posted a Triple Double.

Comments report:

Clark Kellog follows you after a double double against his former team the Pacers

NBA 2k14 Note: I picked up Kellogg after a loss against the Pacers with 38/5/1 (P/A/R). So it’s pretty unclear what triggers Kellogg.

I’ve stopped playing 2k14, so there’ll be no further updates (unless posted in the comments section). The PC version of 2k14 really left me disappointed – I was expecting next gen features. If I pick up a XB1/PS4, I might start playing again… but until then you can probably use the current 2k13 list as a rough guide to what is required.

Chris Mullin

Here’s my statline (as a PG) for the game where I got Chris Mullin. This was in NBA 2k14 on the PS4 (but should be the exact same thing on 2k13 as well as “current gen” consoles). This was against the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Mullin
Chris Mullin

Shaquille O’Neal

This is my statline against the Lakers (currently as an Athletic SF) where I got Shaq. As per above, NBA 2k14 on the PS4.


David Robinson & Dennis Rodman

This is my statline against the Clippers (again as an Athletic SF) where I picked up both Robinson and Rodman. As before, NBA 2k14 on the PS4.

David Robinson & Dennis Rodman
David Robinson & Dennis Rodman Social Media
David Robinson & Dennis Rodman Social Media

Clyde Drexler

Against the Portland Trailblazers on NBA 2k14 PS4.

Clyde Drexler
Clyde Drexler


  1. Chris Mullin – beat GSW by big margin and make a lot of 3-pt shoots

    1. Thanks. Will give that a shot…

  2. Shawn Kemp. I did 47 points and 15 rebounds.

    1. Against any team in particular?

      1. Yes against the celtics

  3. The Penny Hardaway Does Not Work. I Had 12 Assists!
    Please Help.

    1. Might have to be AT Orlando (not just beat Orlando). Not 100% sure.

      1. Thankx, I Might Have Wait Until I See @Orlando On Our Schedule. 😀

        1. you have to have the 30+points to

          1. I had 39pts, 11ast @ Orlando…no Penny! Also I am in my 5th season. You name it, I have done it, but still no Clark Kellogg…

          2. made 22pts, 12ast @ orlando

      2. Gotta beat Orlando in their home to get penny to follow u

    2. i got Robinson, Kemp Rodman and Kerr all in one game…. also MJ can be won by wining two finals MVP Awards(championships to obviously).

  4. I only needed 15 assists to get magic to follow me

  5. Kerr needs only 5 3s made and Payton needs only 5 steals! And thanks for putting this up. Cheers!

      1. shaq, double double, 15 rebounds, a lotta points… Over 50

        1. Sounds similar to Shawn Kemp. I’ve given up on getting Kemp without 12 minute quarters as a smallish SG 6’4″ – rebounds are frustrating…

          1. Shaq, Got tripple double vs Lakers in Staples Center and 3rd game of conference finals, 58 points, 11 rebounds and 16 assists.

            Im thinking you need a double double with points and rebounds in Staples vs Lakers to get him

          2. no, i got shaq in toronto with a ton of points and like 10+ rbs

  6. Just to let everyone know you can’t get two legends in one game so don’t try I just dropped a triple double 54pts 15rebs 21ast and 6stls against the pistons and only got Isaiah Thomas to follow me.

    1. Yes, you can… I got Jordan and Isaih in the same game when I scored 75 against the Bulls in the finals

      1. i got Robinson, Kemp Rodman and Kerr, Wilkins all in one game…. also MJ can be won by wining two finals MVP Awards(championships to obviously).

        1. UPDATE:
          I got Robinson, Kemp Rodman and Kerr, Wilkins all in one game…. also Jordan can be won by wining two finals MVP Awards(championships to obviously). had 115 points 20 rebounds 4 assists and blocks 2 steals, more then 7 dunks and 18 3 pointers made. Hope this helps =)

  7. I’ve had more than one triple-double Clark Kellogg doesn’t follow me.

    1. Sorry, can’t really help you. I’ve got him with a PG and an SG (after I started a new player) with a Triple Double 🙁

      1. Something’s weird. I got 30 pts 11 asts with 8/12 3fgs vs the Pacers and got Steve Kerr AND Clark Kellogg to follow me.

        1. There’s some posts on forums that say Kellogg “might” be just Double Double. So sounds possible…

          1. Got kellogg against indiana with a dub-dub……finally!

  8. Ok so I just dropped 61pts 12rebs and 16ast against the Lakers and got SHAQ

    1. Updated. Thanks. Guessing that assists probably isn’t a factor though 😀

  9. You don’t need a triple double to get Clark Kellogg. I’m not sure you even need a double-double. It’s mostly about the rebounds. I got a double double with 13 rebounds to get him. I had already had a couple 12 rebound games that didn’t get him, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

  10. u can confirm Isiah Thomas. I did 42 pts 15 ast against pistons and got him.

  11. I scored 95 PTs in a game and did NOT get David Robinson. But I DID get him with 30pts 3reb 17assists against the spurs and we won by 30

    1. That’s strange. I just got him on my PG (new player, previously playing a SG) with 72 points. Are you on the latest update? I’m still on the original release.

      1. for david robinson you need to do exactly what you did but be on the spurs

        1. I got Robinson playing on the Rockets and Wizards. Don’t think it has to do with the team you are on for Robinson.

  12. I’m not sure. I do play while signed in network. Havnt had an update yet. It may be possible that I did get him with my 95pts, it was early in my career. I’m now at the end of season and I just recorded them stats against spurs and he followed me. I havnt noticed a legend that’s will post on ur twitter that he is “going to start following u” more than once. Is that possible that he posted 2 times?

    1. Not sure. Haven’t looked at it that closely before. After they do follow you, they sometimes leave comments saying things on your social media feed though.

  13. CONFIRM- penny hardaway 35pts 13reb 13ast in OKC. Also hit 7 3pt shots

  14. Clark Kellogg followed me after 39 pts, 3 rebounds, 3 steals and 0 turnovers.

  15. Shawn kemp is 66 points and 16 rebounds confirmed

    1. Yep, just confirmed him. Also just picked him up with 64 points, 17 rebounds, 16 assists.

  16. You actually can…
    Just last night I got 51 pt 15 ast on Piston, and I got Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, and joe dumars to like me as fan

  17. Chris Mullin’s is working..I dropped 10 threes and he’s my fan now 🙂

  18. I got a triple double and clark kellog didnt follow me? magic did after 17 assists and so did payton after steals

    1. Not too sure… there’s been a couple of reports about different things getting Kellogg to follow (just read the comments to see a few). For my own characters, I’ve managed to get him to follow on a PG and then a SG, both with my first triple double. “Might” be worth trying to hit a lot of points, since that seems to be the other common factor between the comments and both times I got him to follow me.

      1. I think u gotta have 0 turnover too…

  19. I got hardaway on my home court
    I think u just need 10+ assists and 30+ points vs the magic

    1. I’m not sure… but I think that’s exactly what is written in the post…

  20. Steven Delaine
    You can get 2 legends at once, ive done and seen it many times

  21. I didn’t get Chris Mullin
    Here’s my stats
    61 pts, 14 ast, 15 stls, 12-20 3pts, 123-92 score, Win
    All I got was JB Smoove. Damn it

  22. I got Clyde but I didn’t have a triple double. I’m pretty sure you just have to beat Portland by a large margin.

  23. You don’t have to get a triple double against portland to get Clyde Drexler I had 65 Pts 15 assists 6 rebounds and 4 steals and I got him

  24. I got Chris Mullin with 61pts, 11reb, 12ast, 13stl, 1blk, playing against Golden State

  25. i got a triple-double at home agnst portland and didn’t get clyde my stats were, 22 pts, 13 rbs, 13 asts, 4 steals, 2 blocks, and 7 turnovers. why didn’t i get him?

    1. never mind i got him

  26. Hi again- do you have to be in la to get shaq

    1. never mind i got him in toronto

  27. how do you get an easy 19 rebounds with a 6 foot 8 inch 3 point specialist sg, i really want rodman but the rbs r rigged

    1. SOMEBODY FUCKING HELP ME THIS IS FUCKING PISSING ME OFF PLEASE HELP ME BIATCH0 or SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT ALL

      1. sry bout last post, i was jst rly frustrated so plse ignore that last one.

        1. There’s no easy way. I played 12 minute quarters and focused on nothing but boxing out and rebounding for the entire match. On offense, I held up play until the shot clock was winding down, then passed the ball off before taking position for the rebound. On defense, I hugged the box as much as possible.

          1. thank you i just got it with 23 rebounds against orlando

  28. i didnt get mullins or whoever the 3 for golden state is and i made 14 3s and beat them by 20+ and i think penny hardaway is only assists cause when i got him on the twitter thing it said justin that was quite a passing performance tonight against the magic so i think its just assists in orlando

  29. Just got Clark Kellogg with 47 points and 11 3 pointers with only one rebound against the Pacers…

  30. I got Shawn Kemp with 41 points and 15 rebounds.

  31. Shaq O’Neal is a Triple-Double against the Lakers. I Made it with: 22p/17a/11r

  32. Can’t beat the trail blazers cause I play for them

  33. You get Clark Kellogg by posting a triple double against the Pacers, because they’re the best team in the league obviously. No but for real though, triple double against the Pacers=Clark Kellogg.

  34. I didn’t get Clark Kellogg & already got 3 trip-dubs in the first 30 games of the season.

    It seems position matters too…for some players.
    PG – I’ve got Dumars and Magic.
    SF- Drexler, Dumars, Magic, Kellogg, Thomas, Wilkins, Kerr, Payton, Mullins and Rodman…

  35. I got Chris Mullin by getting 7 3s against the Warriors I also had 77 Pts 21 asts and 8 rebounds

  36. I got shaq with 61 points, 12 rebounds 9 assist, 2 steals, and 2 blocks

  37. I got Clyde Drexler with a double double, thank god, I rarely get a lot of rebounds.

    I got 65 pts, 31 asts, and 8 rebs.
    (12 minute quarters)

    I didn’t get Clark Kellogg yet though, and I have 5 career trip dubs!

  38. For Clark Kellogg you have to defeat Indiana…. I had a triple double (PF) 15pts, 11rebounds, 10 assists…

  39. I got a tripple double and clark kellogg didnt follow me . Help

  40. I’ve hit like 16 3’s in a game and haven’t gotten Kerr help

  41. Just got Chris Mullins
    Playing at home (Phoenix)
    26 points, 8 rebounds, 23 assists, 0 steals, 2 blocks, 6 tos, 13-17 shooting, 0 threes for me.
    My team only had 4 threes out of 7 attempts.
    We won by 8.

  42. Previous game got Shawn Kemp. Based in his comment, he was impressed by my 35 points and 15 rebounds.

  43. I got Shaq but I didn’t have 15 assists. I had 98 pts 12 assists and 13 boards

  44. Chris mullin – 10+ rebounds vs golden state

  45. My gs game
    45pts 14reb 8ast 5steals
    Acquired chris mullin

  46. it wont let me get dominique wilkins got 15 dunks in one game help

  47. I dropped 68 pts 8 rbds 9 assists against the Blazers and got Drexler to follow me.

  48. I got chris mullin, was 3/5 from beyond the arch, and had a triple double against the warriors. also a double digit win

  49. I just got a double double against the Pistons, 37-10, and haven’t gotten Isaiah Thomas.

  50. i got Robinson, Kemp Rodman and Kerr, Wilkins all in one game…. also Jordan can be won by wining two finals MVP Awards(championships to obviously). had 115 points 20 rebounds 4 assists and blocks 2 steals, more then 7 dunks and 18 3 pointers made. Hope this helps =)

  51. What the hell, I have 20 career Triple Doubles, and I’ve gotten EVERY LEGEND EXCEPT CLARK KELLOGG.


    1. Clark Kellog just started following me after a 31 point, 4 rebound, 4 assist game so I’m not sure what triggers him…

      1. Hey jeff 31 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists isn’t a triple double

        1. Pretty sure he knows that, he is just saying that is how HE got Clark Kellog to follow him..

          1. Clark Kellog follows you after a double double against his former team the Pacers

          2. I just hit a game winner against the Pacers. I had 34 pts, 1 ast and a couple steals… Kellog is NOW a follower… must be a glitch of sorts against playing the Pacers.

      2. Ive unlocked clark kellog with 31 points 7 reb and 10 assist against pacers

    2. Hit a game winning buzzer beater with less than 2 seconds on the clock

      1. just did the same thing. that must be it.

  52. Hey, just wanted to say most of these seem about right for getting NBA Legends following you in Social Media on MyCareer. Nice list. Just wanted to Add my 2 cents.

    I’ve had 3 MyCareers. A ‘Magic’ PG, An Athletic SF, and now an All-Around Center. I know, I know, All-Around sucks.

    For The Center I just recently got 3 NBA Legends ‘following me’ on the Social Media Feature, here is my stat line for those games.

    -Dominique Wilkins (6 dunks)
    -Chris Mullins (34pts, 13 Reb,
    -Shaquille O’Neal
    (37pts, 14REB,, 1 AST, 1 block vs Lakers & lost that game)

    I think a lot of getting followed is what Position you are. I’ve used a PG, SF and C. Like Shaq, I put up a triple double against the Lakers, with 14 rebounds like I had with my SF, I did not get Shaq following me. Now with my Center he says I’m like a mini Shaq Diesel against the lakers.

    Keep up the good work…and hopefully 2K will just put out a list.

    1. Not entirely true… I’ve gotten every legend on this list (except Chris Mullin since I’ve stopped playing) with my SG. The guys who can’t get certain players to follow them – I have no explanation. This is just a list of what I myself did (and confirmed personally in game) to get them to follow me.

  53. I just had 35 points and 16 rebounds and got Shawn Kemp.

    1. Shawn Kemp’s comment after my game against the Hawks. 35 points and 15 rebounds aint no joke, concider me a fan. I was about to throw my controller at the ground after my player failed to grab a rebound with 1 minute left at the clock, when i was at 14..playing as a 6’2 PG and grabbing 15 rebs is quite a challenge..

  54. What do I do if I want Clyde Drexler but I am on the Portland Trailblazers?

    1. When I had that problem, I waited until I traded out to another team. I did 3 season runs with each team so it wasn’t too bad.

    2. I just had a triple double against the trailblazers and he didn’t become a fan?

  55. How do I get my teammates as fans.

    1. Never managed to do that… I’ve always had to wait until I traded myself to another team before being able to get my old team mates to follow me.

    2. I’m in Bobcats and I have Kidd-Gilchrist as a fan. Just play your game well and assist to the player

      1. Lol. Everyone from the Rookie is already your fan, Kidd-Gilchrist is a rookie the same as your player, that’s why he’s a fan.

  56. I know you can get all the NBA Legends ‘following you’ for any Position. I’m just saying it has different criteria to get different NBA Legends on Social Media, based on position. (Not with the Legends that require Dunks tho.)

    For instance, Chris Mullin. (I always say Mullins) With a PG & SF i got him ‘following me’ after a game against GS with 5 or more 3-Pointers made…

    BUT with an All-Around Center, early on against GS I got him following on Social Media probably with the 4-5 steals I had. Or it was the double double (30pts-15reb) & a big lead win against the Warriors. There sure was NOT any 3 pointers made, or taken. I still haven’t taken a 3pt shot with this Center. So position has to matter.

    Obviously it’s easier to get the ones requiring a lot of Assists using Guards than it would be for a Center, early on. Still, the ones needing steals & dunks are easy enough for all positions.

    1. I hit 8 threes against Golden State and I’m a pg and still never got Mullins

      1. I got Mullins with a a 63 pt 12 reb 15 ast 7 stls 4 blks and went 11-19 from 3pt and 24-37 field goals. I’m a 6’3″ Point Guard.

  57. Def don’t need a triple double to get Clyde Drexler. I had 49pts 5 Reb 8Ast 1Stl 1Blk and 10 TO (not proud of that one) shooting 15/24 FG 8/11 3PT and 11/12 FT and a team grade of C+… but it was against the Trailblazers

  58. I didn’t have a triple double to get Clark Kellogg. I created a 3PT specialist SG went to the bobcats and in my 1st game I got 41pts 1 Reb 1 stl 1 blk 0 Tos I shot 14-23 FG and 13-20 frm 3pt that gave me steve kerr and clark Kellogg

    1. To get Clark beat Indiana and he will.follow u

  59. I got Clark kellog with 60 points and 1 assist 2 blocks and 2 steals that’s it

  60. i did 32 pts 2 rebs 11 ast 4 stls against the magic but still didnt get penny, why is that?

    1. As others have mentioned, the requirements for picking up some legends “may” be different depending on what position you are playing. These were all confirmed with a SG.

        1. I am a point guard. but i got penny from the magic. 60+ points, 4 rebs, 14 assists. he was happy with the assists. soo yeah

  61. I make 10 3’s a game and still haven’t gotten Kerr help please

  62. I was able to get Clark Kellogg without getting a Triple Double…

    1. It’s because it is 10 high light film plays

  63. I got Clark Kelloog by beating the pacers with a huge margin and a ton of points. I got magic when we beat the Lakers with huge margin and also having to score a lot. I only have 6 ast at that game.

  64. I am in my rookie season 1 RD pick 8 by the Raptors. I’m a 6’3″ Point Guard in the starting rotation. So far, my Raptors are 1st Power Ranking, 1st Conference Rank with a record of 44-1 with a 43 win streak. My season average so far:
    MPG: 36.2 PPG: 51.8 RPG: 10.6 APG: 13.8 SPG: 3.4 BPG: 2.9 FG%: .582 3PT%: .531 FT%: .965
    I’ve already broken most points in a game with 102, field goals made with 41 and on a different day, I made 17 three pointers. I also have the most assists with 35 and steals with 13. I have also already broke Ray Allen’s Three pointers made in a single season with 315 and I have like 37 games left so I will easily be up in the 400’s. Once I win the NBA Finals with the Raptors, I’ll try getting traded to Minnesota and win them a couple of Rings! I like staying with the underdogs because it makes things more exciting.

    1. how much vc did you buy ? lol

  65. So I cannot seem to get the following players, no matter what. Rodman, Kellogg, Shaq and Kemp. (Despite many Triple-doubles and I’m in the 2nd season as the Rockets PG. I don’t have Jordan yet but figure I will after I get another finals win.

    And I thought I had Magic early on and somehow I got him again after a game versus the Lakers @ Staples Center. He was impressed with my 21 points (of all things…) against the Lakers. In a game where I had more assists than points and more steals than FG attempts. I initially got Magic Johnson almost immediately after I started this MyCareer.

    I dunno if they pop back in (randomly?) and say they’re impressed after they follow you or what?

    1. Can’t really help you with the ones who aren’t following. I personally verified every player listed as confirmed on the list. Like a few others say, the requirements “may” be different for different positions (the list is based on my SG).

      Magic – Following and leaving a comment are completely unrelated. It’s possible to have a legend comment on your play but not follow you, as well as the other way around, or even follow you AND comment on you as in your case.

  66. So I just got Clark Kellogg, here’s how it went down.

    With a PG for the Rockets (2nd season) against Indiana Pacers. 35pts-7reb-17ast-3stl, Shot 7-7 FTs and 4-4 3pt.

    Had many games better than that…but that’s what got me Clark Kellogg.

  67. I realize it’s different criteria for some Legends…I’m just adding my two cents

    . Also, I can try and look for patterns in what people say it took for them to get Legends ‘following them” like Clark Kellogg (for instance.) I think now that I’ve read a few seems to be a double or triple double plus at least 5fts or 3pters made, or something a little extra.

  68. I just got 12 3-pointers (out of 20) against Golden State and I didn’t get Chris Mullin to follow me. Also, if it helps I got 42 points, 7 assists, 7 steals, 2 rebound (1 defensive, 1 offensive), and 15/23 from the field. Teammate rating: A.

    So I don’t think it’s X amount of tres unless X > 12.

    1. i got him by blowing out the warriors dont think i had more than 4 threes

      1. I blew them out too. Weird… wonder what triggers him. I’m a 6’3″ 1 guard playing a 2 guard since I signed with the Clippers from the Hornets. Is yours different? Wonder if that matters.

        Or maybe it matters whether or not a certain thing happens in their arena instead of your own. Just speculating now. It’s just frustrating that I have everyone following me except three NBA players and four NBA legends. Looks like the three besides Mullin follow you after a bunch of rebounds, so I understand, but Mullin… I don’t know.

  69. I got magic Johnson after 19 assists in finals with shooting guard

  70. I got Shaq with 51 points, 13 rebounds and 3 assists.

  71. How do I get Clyde Drexler if I play for Portland?

    1. You don’t. To collect him you’ll need to get traded to another team.

  72. I already had Clyde Drexler and I’m 100% positive I had him ‘following’ fairly early on in season 1.

    He commented after a game against Portland where I had a 20-7-20 game VS Portland in the Playoffs, Season 2. , now I’m sure that the NBA Legends must come back and make a comment or follow twice? Lol I dunno but somehow I’ve gotten Drexler and Magic twice. It took nearly 2 full seasons.

    1. Commenting and following are exclusive. Just because a legend comments on you doesn’t mean he’s following you, and just because he’s following you doesn’t mean he’ll comment on you (aside from the initial “I’m following X”).

  73. I’m pretty sure the way you get Clark Kellogg is to defeat the Pacers, because I just got him facing the Pacers. Also he used to play for the Pacers, I’m not sure if there’s something special you must do, but I beat the Pacers with, 77points, 7rebounds, 5assists, 6steals, 2blocks, 3turnovers, 33/46fieldgoal, 1/2free throw, 10/17three point and A+grade

  74. Not really shaq chris dominique shawn gary clark stave and clyde are my fans i did some of it but not all of it now im with the lakers in my 9 th year with 4 rings (all with thunder) in my first four years

  75. That is how you get Chris mullin. I hit 12 3’s and gut him

  76. I blew out the trailblazers by 24 points and had 26 points 4 rebounds 12 assists and 12 steals but didn’t get Clyde drexler

  77. I just got Dominique Wilkins and can’t dunk at all, im a 3p spec.

  78. I’m a 6’3 3pt Specialist PG I just played the Pistons and had 25 pts 19rbs and 4 ast but Dennis Rodman did not follow or comment

  79. Just got Chris Mullins as a fan…. 5/9 3pt against golden state! !

  80. The only 2 ways to get teammates to “Follow” you in Social Media.

    1st, just go on a team that has players from the Draft Combine game. For instance, I or Drafted to Portland and had Lillard following when the season started.

    Secondly, like Biotch0 said, get traded and once you play your old team, they’ll follow you.

    Anyone that has a Teammate following them got them from the Draft Combine. All because 2k/VC didn’t think that maybe your teammates might be the first and only people following you?

  81. I got Clyde Drexler after a 19pts / 3reb / 19ast / 3stl against the Blazers (and I play for his other former team, the Rockets), so I guess a triple double isn’t needed after all, just a really good game (I shot 8-12 from the field in this one and had no turnovers)

  82. hi my name is jalen i was just wondering how to get chris mullins if we do want it says do we half to buy a gold or purple pack

  83. i got a double double against the pistons nothing happened with Isaiah Thomas

  84. How do you get Larry bird?

  85. I just got Shaq with 51 pts, 10 Rebs & 8 assists.

  86. Michael Jordan followed me then he unfollowed me but when you follow Scottie Pippen he mentions you but doesn’t follow you again.

  87. Hey guys! I got wilkins to follow me after i produced 10 highlight plays! turns out you don’t need to dunk as much to get him to follow you.

    My stats in that game:

    12 highlight plays
    4 dunks

  88. Had 19+ Rebounds a few times now and no Rodman, with a 6’9″ PF. I am on the Pistons tho…and also No Joe Dumars yet, and I got the big win against CHi.

    I’m guessing its cause I’m on the Pistons…and seriously I’m not breaking any rebounding records here in the Motor City and I’m pretty good rebounder in 2k 13

  89. Lol Dominique followed me and didn’t even dunk

  90. Double double against pistons confirmed as pg for 2k14

    1. Thanks. Updated accordingly.

      I’ve stopped playing 2k14, so there’ll be no further updates (unless posted in the comments section). The PC version of 2k14 really left me disappointed – I was expecting next gen features. If I pick up a XB1/PS4, I might start playing again… but until then you can probably use the current 2k13 list as a rough guide to what is required.

      1. I didn’t like 2k14 either. It seemed like all they did to fix the 3’s being too easy in 13 was making every player opposite of you a Defensive beast on the perimeter, no matter who it is guarding you…it’s crazy and ruins the game.

        2k13 still stands as overall the best recent NBA 2K game, despite the many bugs. it just seems like no matter what difficulty, if you play good ball, you will have fun. It’s almost too easy offesively and Defenseively…you gotta have good position, timing and anticipation. The AI is fair enough. For me, and I think anyone that plays ball knows 2K 13 can be a stupidly fun basketball game.

  91. Well I’m sure no one cares anymore but I really think all of this list is more or less correct, except 2. Chris Mullin & Clark Kellogg

    With Mullin, after 7 mycareer and roughly 10 seasons I still am not sure exactly how many 3pters you need. With an Athletic PF & Center I got Mullin with no 3PT ATT and obviously none made, they had 25 3PT ratings. With Guards and SF I’ve noticed it takes anywhere from 5-11 3PTers made, more importantly at Golden State, with over 55% FG & 3PT percentage. But still Mullin seems to be the 2nd most inconsistent to get following your MyCareer in Social Media Legends, with Guards & SFs.

    The most inconsistent Legend is Clark Kellogg. At Indiana, it took anywhere from a Double-Double to a Trip-Dub, and sometimes nothing no mater how well I did. Just keep playing well, get fans & beat the Pacers (@ their home) by a good margin, and getting Double-Doubles and you will eventually get Kellogg following you.

    Last tip, if you are in a game where you think you can get a Legend following you, go for it! For example, Against the Magic with a PG, I got Penny with ease cause the Assists were coming unnaturally easy. Same with almost all the Legends.

  92. I got 10 dunks and won the bulls by near 30 points and got dominique and dumars in the same game,so you can get 2 legends in a game.

  93. I scored 38 and 16 reb on 2k14 ps4 version and got Shawn kemp… Just trying to help out with this years

    1. From my short time playing 2k14 (I stopped pretty fast), it appears that the legends have the exact same requirements as in 2k13. Just remember that the stats in the table are “rough estimates” as mentioned and you shouldn’t have any problems picking up all of them.

  94. I got 41 points and 16 boards against the pistons and kemp followed me…


  96. Michael Jordan is now one of my fans because of my 69 pts., 6 Reb, 9 Ast, 4 Stl, 5 Blk, and an A+ teammate grade in a playoff game.

  97. Chris Mullin Beat Golden State with X number of 3-pointers
    I’ve friended him with no 3-pointers just a double double

  98. To get clark kellog u have to do everything points assists rebounds and steals each have to be atleast 3

  99. How do I do the joe dumars one I play for the bulls

  100. Did not get Dennis rodman with 20 reb

  101. Hey guys, I played against Orlando Magic and my Statics were (I’m a SG player):

    41 min
    50 pts
    11 ast
    7 stl
    5 reb
    0 blk
    20/26 FG
    5/10 3PT
    5/7 FT (i know… lame, usually I got 100%)
    3 TO
    grade A

    and nothing with Penny Hardaway…
    Anybody knows why?!

    PS sorry for the poor english.

  102. all of them are the same as last year

  103. For the legends that require you to play their former team, I think you need to complete the stat line in their building not yours. I had triple double with 40 plus points at home against magic and didn’t get penny. Next game I got triple double at Detroit and got Isaiah Thomas.

    1. thanks for the feedback. I forgot to say that I played at the Orlando Magic’s Arena, so… a bug maybe?
      PS: I¡m playing NBA 2K13.

  104. I’m pretty sure to get Clark Kellogg you have to score 30+ points against the Pacers my stats for that game almost matched yours only i had 31 points

    1. im about to play the pacers now.

  105. David Robinson is the same in NBA 2K14, for those who are wondering

  106. There the same sad last year collected them all

  107. I didn’t beat the warriors, but got chris mullin with 38 pts 8reb and 10ast 4 steals and a grade A plus performance.

  108. i got 92 points 17 rebounds 11 assists and 9 steels and home. didn’t get a follow

    1. i got 118 points 12 rebounds 13 assists 4 steals and 2 6 blocks keep up bro

  109. This was the tweet I got from Clark Kellogg when he followed me: “@******, You caught me by suprise when I was calling the game tonight.” I scored 71 points as the Caveliers, and was playing against Lance Stephonson and the Pacers.

    1. you get Jordan by getting 63+ points in a playoff game. you get Magic Johnson by getting 15+ assist. Clyde Drexler get triple double against Portland. Dennis Rodman get 19+ rebounds. Steve Kerr make a lot of 3’s. Chris Mullen go off against the Warriors. Gary Payton get 5+ steals Shawn Kemp get 45+ points and 15+ rebounds. David Robinson score 71+ points. this is on NBA 2k14.

      1. You realize that you just repeated pretty much everything in the list above word for word right?

      2. You just need a double double against the Trail blazers to get Clyde Drexler

  110. I had 105 points against the warriors and 20 three’s and didn’t get chris mullin???? how do you get him????

    1. ur not suppose to make three’s

      1. I made a bunch of 3s and got him just fine.

  111. I just got Shaq as a fan by scoring 51 pts, 11 Rebs, 8 assists and 5 blocks as a point guard. So I think it may be 50 and 10 against Lakers.

  112. Shaq followed me when I got 65 Pts 13 reb 13 ast

  113. For Shaq I went 58pts, 12reb 2ast…but I also had 5blk. With some of the things I’m reading I have a feeling that maybe matchup performance and teammate grade might be taken into account

  114. For Shaq I got him with 35 points 11 rebounds and 6 blocks. So maybe 30 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks?

  115. I just got chris mullins. I played against golden state and had 66 points 10 rebounds 11 steals 7 assist and 3 blocks so maybe it was the points idk but I also demolished them 126 to 92

  116. To get Clark kellog just have a 30+ pt game

  117. I got a triple double againest the magic and I didnt get penny as a fan. My stats were: 24 min 42 points 5 rebounds 11 assists 12 steals 5 blocks. I played them at their homecourt

  118. In Orlando triple double and still no penny y is that

  119. I busted out 16 3’s, and had 74 points with 5 stl. No Mullin. So, it must be tied to assists somehow.

    1. Was that against Golden State? 74/8/5/7/6 (PTS/REB/AST/STL/BLK) with 5 3s is what I did to get him (playing against Golden State). Until 2k actually comes out and states the requirements, the exact numbers to get some players like Mullin especially (and some others) is going to be a case of trial and error. As always, a disclaimer, I’m playing as a PG, so the requirements “might” be different for other positions.

      1. Yup. It was against Golden State. Maybe it’s shooting percentage or A grade then??

    2. Follow up: So I went overboard to make sure I got Mullin and I did. My stats: 83pt, 8reb, 15ast, 14stl, 4blk, 36-62FG, 6-163s, 5-5FT… as a shooting guard against GS

      Given everyone else’s experience, I think it’s clear most people aren’t getting Mullin bc of 3s – that’s incidental. I also doubt it’s blowing out GS. Seems like maybe a double-double is needed or a shooting percentage above 50… something like that.

      1. 6-163s?

        Anyway, based on both our stats for Mullin, I’m guessing it’s the shooting % – we both have above 60%. A double double is pretty common, so there wouldn’t be so many people complaining about being unable to get Mullin if it was something so simple… then again 60% shooting is also pretty common for me, so again I’m kinda stumped.

  120. The assists aren’t necessary for Shaq. I got him with 60 points and 10 rebounds.

  121. I made 7 dunks and didn’t get Dominique Wilkins…

  122. i got Clark Kellogg and Steve Kerr same time. Don’t know how i got Clark too, i did’t get any double or triples.

  123. Finally got penny hardaway in the playoffs with 30+ points and 10+ assists in Orlando

  124. I been wondering if you can every get Larry bird on this

    1. Larry Bird isn’t a legend on the Notable Fan list… therefore… you couldn’t get him even if you had 100 points, 100 assists, 100 rebounds, and 100 3 pointers in the same game.

  125. I got Shawn Kemp to follow me with 38 points and 15 rebounds. You don’t need 47. It might be 30-35+ and 15+ rebounds instead. Food for thought.

    1. This is stated clearly above. Food for thought.

      Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you. Example: Clark Kellogg and Clyde Drexler are labeled as a Triple Double each, but some people report a Double Double as being enough. It just so happens that I personally had a Triple Double in those games, which is why I’ve posted a Triple Double.

      1. No where is the information about Shawn Kemp stated above other than the guy who commented saying you needed 45+ points and the original post. I’m simply pointing out you don’t even need that much.

        And that’s why I clearly stated my stats as well. Food for thought, again. I can’t read very well so that might be why 🙂

        1. Also, please note that while I have labeled most of these as CONFIRMED, these stats are probably higher than what is actually required to get any of these players to follow you.

          I’m not entirely sure… but the sentence above which is in the original post… might be pointing out the exact same thing… and may have been pointing out the exact same thing since November 2012 which is when the post was written. Also, there are numerous other comments with lower stats… which again… may be pointing out the exact same thing.

  126. I got 37 points, 10 assists, and 10 steals against the Blazers. And no Clyde follow… Does it have to be in Portland or something?

    1. Can’t recall for sure… Double double seems to be enough anyway, so no need to stretch so far when you do meet them again (refer to last picture).

  127. I got 42 points and 16 rebounds and got Shawn Kemp..

  128. How do you get Kevin Durant and carmelo anthony as my fans

  129. I got Clyde drexler as a fan I think you need a triple double with points, rebounds, and assists because I ended with 33 pts 20 ast and 10 Reb and I played at Portland and I won the game and I’m a PG

  130. I got rodman and kemp to follow with a 42points 20rebounds 2assists

  131. Got Shaq with 35 pts and 10 rbs vs Lakers

  132. How do you get Kobe to follower you?

  133. I’m on the Lakers and played the Pistons at home…
    60 points
    18 rebounds
    6 assists
    3 steals
    1 block
    and we won by 28… any reason why Joe dumars DIDNT follow me?

  134. I just beat Portland and I had 38 points and 11 assists so I don’t think a double double is enough for drexler

    1. U need a triple double

  135. I got shaq as a fan I was playing against the lakers as a SG wit the Thunder nd I posted a triple double with
    No teals or blocks

  136. I got Isiah Thomas in nba2k15 as a PG with this stats, i play in orlando magic

    Points: 36
    Assists: 11
    Rebounds: 9
    No blocks

  137. what is the point of notable fans

  138. I got Micheal Jordan on nba 2k 15 for and i scored 75 points in a play offs game so i think you have to get 63 + points in a playoff game .

  139. Some info is off or just glitchy. I’m an all around SG AND Just dropped a triple double (26 pts 14 brds 12 dimes) on Portland IN Portland and no Clyde the Glide.

  140. For 2k15, you need 20+ rebounds for Dennis Rodman. Only a double double for Shaq (60+ points, 10+ rebounds) vs Lakers. 8 or 9+ dunks for Dominique Wilkins. ***7 will not do. 71+ points for David Robinson. 5+ steals for Gary Payton. Double double for Isaiah Thomas vs Pistons. 63+ points in a playoff game for MJ. All confirmed within the last two days.

  141. Trying to get Kevin Love, Ray Allen, and Lebron

  142. I just played the trail blazers and my stats are:
    36 minutes
    56 points
    1 rebound
    12 assists
    12 steals
    3 blocks
    3 TO
    23 of 32 6/12 from 3
    6/6 free throw

    I’m an athletic point guard

    NO CLYDE !?!?!?!?

    1. Probably a traditional triple double then… Points, rebounds, assists.

    2. You may need double digits boards along with a trip dub. He’s one that I don’t have yet either. When I get to play them again, I’ll see what happens.

  143. I consistently put up 30+ points and have 14 trip dubs and still don’t have Clark Kellogg as a fan (2k15)

  144. I scored 106 points against the magic and got penny Hardaway with three assists.

  145. For Clark Kellogg i beat Indiana packers in there home town for the second time with the bulls with my point gaurd
    46 points
    8 assists
    4 rebounds
    5 blacks
    3 steals and got Kellogg

  146. So can i get clark kellog by just scory 30 points against the pacers

  147. I got michael jordan to follow me on nba 2k15 by scoring 63+ points in playoffs

  148. What does it mean X number of 3 pointers for Clark Kellogg?

  149. And I didn’t even hit a three and I got Clark Kellogg. Why is that

  150. 7 dunks but not Dominique? Why?

  151. I got Kellogg after a 37 point win against pacers. I’m gonna guess it’s something like 35+ points against pacers since you said you got him after having 39 and losing against them

    1. I got him after beating pacers with 33 points 4ass 4reb 3blk. So hes clearly a pacers guy, maybe 30+ points? (nba2k14 PC)

      1. I used to play for the pacers and got 36 points and have him as a follower???

  152. 103 points no david Robinson
    40 pts 17 reb and got Shawn kemp and rodman
    60 pts playoff and got MJ
    12 assists vs Lakers and have Magic
    In rookie debut we beat GS I had 1 3 made and got mullin
    Also, 61 (pts) 10 (reb) and 17 (AST) vs lakers but no shaq

  153. How do I get Shaq if I play for the lakers??? I’m in my 5th season and I have 4 MVPs and 4 finals MVPs
    Led the league in assists, points, steals, and rebounds 4 times and one game when I had 112 points 16 assists 12 steals 12 rebounds and 10 blocks as a PG. Ihave every legend but Shaq so can someone please tell me how to get him?

  154. I got Clark Kellogg with a 42 point game

  155. I got Magic Johnson after a 20 point game and 16 assists

  156. I got 16 assists and 20 points and I got Magic Johnson

  157. I didn’t get Penny Hardaway, I got 31pts and 10 ast against the Orlando Magic

  158. I got 40 pts, 7 reb, 9 ast vs pacers ang got Kellogg

    1. I got Clark Kellogg after a 30 point game with 6 reb and 5 ast

  159. How are you all scoring points ranging from 50-100 points a game and getting all these recognitions I’m in my 4th season no awards 1 title and only scored around 40 points a game

    1. They’re all ball hogs, I average a triple double at 27-11-21

  160. How do you get ppl from ur team to follow you?

  161. I got Kellog after a 32-11-17 game against the Pacers so I’m guessing it’s 30+ points against the pacers

  162. I got Clark Kellogg from these stats.
    51 pts, 0 rebounds, 1 ast, 1 stl,

  163. I got 73 points 10 boards 3 last 9 stl and one block against Detroit pistons. I got Shawn Kemp but didn’t,’t get Isaiah Thomas u sure it’s not suppose to be a triple double instead of a double double.

  164. 32 points and 10 assists against the Magic werent enough to get Penny Hardaway on my bandwagon.

  165. win against chicago +35 margin and dont get Joe DUmors, and i get double double against pistons have 35 points and 12 reb and also dont get Isaiah Thomas so wtf??? i have others legends but this 2 cant unlock in first games against bulls and pistons why?

  166. 102 points 19 rebounds but no rodman…?

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