I Had A Dream

As I opened my eyes and everything slowly became less of a blur, shoulder height crops that appeared to be… corn came into view. It seemed like a fairly bright night thanks to the moonlight, and that same moonlight helped make it apparent that I was sleeping on a tar road in between fields of corn. As romantic as this may sound, “romantic” wasn’t the word in my head as I noticed a somewhat large, mass blessed person sleeping right next to me (sleeping on tar roads is the next big thing after kale).

It was apparently the crack of dawn, because all of a sudden, the Azan rang out across the land. My sleeping partner, for lack of a better word, with sudden and cat-like agility stood straight up… and loudly declared, “Oh shiii… This is mah’ jam!!!”, before moonwalking with inhuman speed in the direction of the Azan.

I awoke with the exact same facial expression I had in my dream, which could be best described as “dafuq?”… I look forward to being contacted by Freud and Pavlov… ‪#‎IHadADream

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